Back in November 2017 we launched the CP800 Scenic Sound System, which we continued to sell until mid. 2019. The reason we stopped was that the manufacturer of the enclosure decide they were not going to produce that box anymore, and as all our printed circuit boards had been designed to fit the box we were stuck.

We have spent the past year looking for an off-the-shelf enclosure, and then redesigning the printed circuit boards to fit this box. The Boards are now manufactured in Kent. The enclosure is manufactured in Wales, the front panel is manufactured in County Durham, the boards are assembled in Preston, and the whole lot is then put together in Seaton Carew.

The New Sound System is called the 'Sound Controller SS600' please see below


To Book your new SS600 Sound System you will need to download the form opposite to enter the 15 sounds you require on your SDcard.

You can have more than 1 card if you so wish