A range of mini toggle switch. ( ) means momentary. High quality panel mounting miniature electrical toggle switches suitable for industrial, commercial, test and aerospace applications.
Available in a variety of contact and switching configurations, on-off, latching and momentary options. Stainless steel housing with silver plated copper-alloy contacts,

Salecom toggle switches are widely used in telecommunications, instrumentation, medical equipment, computer peripherals and network products.

Miniature toggle switch from the Salecom T8014A series, SPDT contact, (On)-Off-(On) operation.

    5A contact current
    125V contact voltage
    Copper alloy contact, silver plated
    Operating temperature -30ºC to +85ºC
    Solder lug terminal
    1/4-40UNS thread
    8.89mm long thread, bat actuator
    10.41mm long actuator
    Dimensions: 12.7 x 6.86 x 21.72mm
    Stainless steel housing

SW301 Mini Toggle Switch (On) - Off - (On)

SKU: SW301

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