The wire termination board is 106mm x 46mm with 5 fixing holes. It can accept all size of cable to 32/0.2mm, 2.5mm miniature 2 way and 3 way plugs, and 2way to 6 way rising clamp terminals – all at the same time. Common terminals can be increased from 2way to 8 way

The CN164 has 14 twin 6 Amp terminals for joining wires from different points on the layout. A 3way terminal block connected to 1.3mm pins on a 5mm grid for plugging rising clamp terminals. A 3way terminal block connected to 0.8mm pins on a 2.5mm grid for miniature 1, 2 or 3 way plugs

CN164 Universal Wire Termination Board

SKU: CN164
  • Data & Applications

    CN164 Installation Instruction

    MK100 Stainless Steel Hexagonal Spacer Mounting Kit 10mm x 6

    MK110 Stainless Steel Hex Spacer + 10mm screw and Full Nut

    MK120 Cylindrical Spacer & ST Screw 10mm x 6

    MK130 Self Adhesive Stand Off's 9mm x 6

    MK141 2 Pin Terminal Kit 2.54 spacing Kit (10 Pack)

    MK142 3 Pin Terminal Kit 2.54 spacing Kit (10 Pack)

    MK143 2.54mm Shorting Links 6No 3 Black, 3 Red.


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