Take your layout to new levels of realism. Brimal Components introduce their new Sound System SS600
Scalable from the largest of layouts to smaller single track book shelf type layouts irrespective of gauge.
With up to 15 sound effects available to play on demand, they can be played either individually or together to to give a richer mix to the scene. For example sounds of sea birds combined with those of rain, traffic or people.
All sound tracks can be initiated by moving the toggle switch down momentarily, or with the toggle switch in the UP position by using magnetically activated switches in the track bed too, from a small magnet fitted under the locomotive or rolling stock.
Sound of coaches passing, of wagon couplings, together with Locomotive sounds. All this bringing the realistic sound of the trains together with trackside operations and the surrounding environment for both the analogue and DCC layout alike.
You pick the sounds you want from the list which can be downloaded or you can start with sounds pre loaded on to a micro SD card.
So if you run steam locomotives and Diesels you can have the option to swap the sound card to suit exactly what your running.
The SS600 comes complete with a small internal speaker for checking sounds and a built in 5w stereo aplifier for external speakers.
Powered from a 9-16 V dc supply the unit can be powered either from the Aux output of your speed controller via the terminals at the rear of the unit, or a plug in power pack set at 12vDC

What do you get.

Sound Controller

SD card with your choice of 15 sounds (or a basic card if not specified)

6 Sensor Reed Switches

6 Magnets.

Remember your imagination is the limitation in creating your railway sounds.

SS600 Sound Controller System

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