8 Latching Relays with 9 to 15vDC trigger levels. Each relay gives a Latched Single Pole Changeover Contact. The relay board is powered by 9 to 12vDC from an external source via wired terminals or a 2.5mm DC plug and is further smoothed on the relay board. The relay board can be switched ON & OFF from the onboard slide switch. Input to Coil 1 of each relay can be controlled via a DIP slide switch. The Input to Coil 2 is not controlled. Both inputs are 9 to 15vDC Negative rail triggers. The amber LED is only ON when there is power to Coil 1 of the relay. The state of the relay is not affected by completely removing power from the board.

Applications include production lines, conveyor systems, material movement from one point to another, locking ON Indicators, solenoids, or motors


Input supply 12 VDC @ 150 mA     Current Rating: Standby 7mA, Full On (all 8 Relays) 240mA

Operate / Release Time 4ms /3ms
Output eight Latching Single Pole Changeover relays
Relay specification 3A @ 30 vDC,        Trigger level 9 ~ 14.5vDC (negative rail)
Header connector for connecting power and trigger voltage
Screw terminal connector for easy relay output and aux power connection
Four mounting holes of 3.2 mm each (2 mounting holes for Plug-In modules near 4 & 6)
PCB dimensions 148 mm x 60 mm

BC218 Relay Board 8 way Twin Coil Latching Relays with 3 Amp SPCO Contacts

SKU: BC218

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