Working voltage: DC 7 -110V (recommended 5 -12V)
Current Measurement range: DC 0.05A -10.0A
Voltage measurement range: DC 7 -110V (display mode 0.0V -10.0V -110V)
Refresh speed: 300ms/time
Display Size: 0.28 inch 3-digit LED
Display Color: Red/Red, Blue/Red (Optional)
Reverse connection protection: there is reverse connection protection of working power supply, but long time reverse connection may also cause damage
Product size: 46.75×28.82×22.20mm
Hole size: 45.5×26.0mm
Operation Temperature: -10 -65°C
Product weight: 20g
Product wire: 4 wires (2P thin wire, 2P thick wire)
Lead definition:
Thin red line: positive pole of instrument power supply and positive pole of voltage measurement
Thin black wire: the negative pole of the power supply of the instrument and the negative pole of the voltage measurement
Thick red line: the positive pole of the current test, in series with the negative pole of the load
Thick black wire: negative pole of current test, connected to negative pole of load power supply
DC 7 -110V can be measured directly, no independent power supply is required, and wiring is convenient. The product withstand voltage is 150V. If the voltage exceeds 110V, the digital tube will be turned off. If the voltage exceeds 150V, including pulse voltage, the meter will be completely damaged.

EM210 Panel Mounted Digital LED 100V Voltmeter, 10A Ammeter

SKU: EM210

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