The MR365 does not require any sensors on the track or magnets on the Locos. The analogue speed controller is simply connected to the track via the relay on the timer board. The system will work just as well on a complete loop or a straight section. On a straight section you would need to set the Forward time and the reverse time the same. On a loop layout you could set the forward time longer that the Reverse, this will then make the ‘stop to reverse’ position different each time. If you had two stations on a loop layout you could have the train shunting between stations. In a siding situation you could have the train moving between 2 points via a series of points, and back again, for as long as the timer is on. When the timer is switched OFF the power is still going to the tracks via the relay on the timer board.

Please note there is no slow down or slow start up in this circuit. The train will immediately change direction at the speed set on the controller.

The MR365 comes complete with an ON/OFF switch, an indicator LED and dropping Resistor.

Image 3

In the Loop layout below connection is very simple, instead of taking the speed control feed to the tracks, they are taken to the terminals on the MR365 as shown above. The two ‘COM’ wires are then taken to the tracks. When the MR365 is switched ON nothing will happen (the train will move forward) for the period set by ‘Forward Time’. When this time has elapsed, the relay will switch over and the train will be put into reverse for the time set on the ‘Reverse Time’ preset. This will continue for as long as the MR365 is switched ON. When switched Off the train will revert to normal forward travel.

Image 4

In the next drawing a single line track can be used to allow the train to move left to right and back. The important thing to remember here is that the ‘Forward time’ and the ‘Reverse time’ must be the same otherwise the train will start to creep. The common of the relay is connected to the rails as shown in the figure below.

Image 5

In the next application the Shuttle Timer is used to allow a Loco to travel trough a fiddle yard and then back. The fiddle yard would have to be isolated from the rest of the layout so it can run independently. How simple or complicated the Loco movement is, is up to you.

MR365 Fully Automated Shuttle

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