The MR326 is a Double Pole Double Throw mini toggle switch. The 2 poles are used to reverse the polarity of the incoming power so that when the switch is moved down the output polarity is reversed. Instead of complicated wiring on the back of the switch the PCB does all this for you. It also gives an LED Indication of the status of the points & an output for Mimic displays. The complete PCB with switch and indicators is only 41 x 27mm.The Bi-colour LED Indicator is in the same line as the switch 20mm apart and at a predetermined height so that they just poke through a front panel without any bezels or holding mechanism. The switch requires a 6.5mm hole and the LED without bezel requires a 5mm hole.

Wiring is very simple 2 wires comming in from a power source, directly to the +- terminals. The other 2 wires go to the set of points

Mimic Display.

Shown on the Mimic panel one of the Green LED’s around the Points P1 will be on at all times. On the Switch Panel you will either have a Green LED for ‘Straight’ or a Red LED for ‘Turn’

MR326 Reversing Point Motor Switch with Mimic Display

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