A kit of 4 Reed switches and 4 Magnets for sensing trains to switch signals, points, and many other circuits.

Reed Switch

General purpose encapsulated magnetic reed switches, suitable for a wide range of sensing applications. Normally  open contact.Ideal for use as points position detector, or train position sensor
Switching Capacity 1.0VA
Switching Voltage 24vAC
Max Switching Curreny 0.1Amp
Contact resistance:   200mW
Dimensions mm:    5.0x4.2x3.5
PCB pin spacing:    2mm


Cylindrical disc magnets manufactured from Neodynium Iron Boron, which provides powerful magnetism and exceptional resistance to demagnetisation, and operating temperature up to 120°C. Nickel plated finish gives excellent corrosion resistance.
Designed principally for proximity switch triggering applications.
RoHS compliant
For N Gauge a smaller magnet is available at 3 x 2mm (SW933)

MK206 Magnetic Proximity Switch Kit

SKU: MK206
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