A Diode Matrix is simply a set of Diodes placed in an order between a switch and a set of Points. You will remember that a diode only allows current to pass in one direction. So we can use this ability to set a number of points to change to create a path for the train to travel, all from one switch. As you will have in certain cases more than one switch connected to a point motor, the diode stops the current flowing to a point set that you do not need at that point in time. 

So one switch could change 4 or 5 sets of points at the right time to get the train from one siding to the Main Line or Visa Versa. You could also use it to run the Train on a different circuit/Layout and then back again each time you used one switch.

The Kit allows you to set ON sequences for up to 11 Point Sets.
All components are included with full Instructions and Blank Truth Table and Black PCB ready for your layout.

MR110 Diode Matrix for up to 11 Points Sets

SKU: MR110

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