A 5V electro-magnetic sound generator encapsulated in a low profile housing making it particularly suitable for inclusion in miniature electronics instrumentation.

  • Electro magnetic sound generator
  • 5V voltage rating
  • 45mA current
  • 85dB at 10cm sound output
  • 2400Hz frequency
  • 12mm diameter
  • 1.2g weight
  • Noryl housing
  • Sealed base
  • Positive terminal marked
  • PCB pins
  • Requires external drive circuit



Single sound miniature buzzer for use in process control, safety, and industrial applications
The buzzer must be firmly fixed to a rigid base to give optimum performance.
# Current Rating:28mA
# Self Resonant Frequency:400Hz
# Sound Level Distance:30cm
# Sound Level SPL:75dB
# Colour:Cream
# Connector Type:PCB mounted
# Current Consumption:25mA
# Device Type:Buzzer
# External Depth:15.5mm
# External Length / Height:15.6mm
# External Width:33.2mm
# Fixing Hole Diameter:2.2mm
# Frequency:400Hz
# Frequency Response Lower Limit:350Hz
# Frequency Response Upper Limit:450Hz
# Lead Length:100mm
# Max Operating Temperature:70°C
# Min Temperature Operating:-40°C
# Supply Voltage:12V
# Transducer Function:Buzzer



Low-profile (max. 10mm height) piezo sounders complete with built-in drive circuit. Available in panel mounting version with 150mm wire leads, or PCB mounting with 15mm pin spacing.
Operating voltage:    3-24 Vdc
Operating current:    10mA
Frequency:    3.5kHz ±0.5kHz
Sound output:    85dB @12V dc at 30cm
Tone:    Continuous
Temp. range:    -20 to +60°C
Dimension:    23mm dia. x 10mm h.



Miniature speaker with paper cone and ferrite magnets for use in small portable equipment. Feature solder tag type terminations.
#  External Length / Height:21mm
# Frequency Response Lower Limit:260Hz
# Frequency Response Upper Limit:4kHz
# Impedance:8ohm
# RMS Power:0.3W
# External Diameter:66mm
# Power Rating:0.3W
# Terminal Type:Solder Tag
# Weight:50g



Rated impedance    8O ±15%    4O ±15%
Nominal power    2W    2W
Maximum power    3W    3W
Resonant frequency    400Hz ±20%    400Hz ±20%
Frequency range    200Hz to 20kHz    200Hz to 20kHz
Sound output level    93dB ±3dB    93dB ±3dB
Dimensions    40 x 20 x 5.8mm    40 x 20 x 5.8mm
Operating temperature    –20°C to +60°C    –20°C to +60°C
Storage temperature    –30°C to +70°C    –30°C to +70°C
Weight    7.6g    7.6g

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