Let's stay Connected

We manufacture a complete range of terminal boards to keep all aspects of your Model Rail Layout Connected.

Here is a list of what we do in the order you will need them

The Heart of any system is the Power Source, if you have enough of it you can do anything. When choosing your Power supplies make sure you over compensate as you will grow into it. You dont want to be upgrading every year as your layout expands.

   PW104 12vDC at 5 Amps

   PW120 12vDC at 1 Amp

   PW122 12vDC at 2 Amps

   PW121 Variable 3v to 12v

   at 2.25 Amps

   PW123 12vDC at 3 Amps


You next may want to consider a fused Distribution board or two. This will protect all circuits from each other just in case one develops a fault.

CN168 Fused Distribution 5 way.

The wires from the Power Source down to the switching units would best be either 32/0.2mm or 24/0.2mm

pic 1.jpg

Now you could go through a switched distribution system. We have an 8 way in a console (left), a 8 way chassis mounting (not shown), or a 6 way chassis mounting unit (right).

CN169 Distribution 6 way

CN170 Cahassis mtg 8 way

CN175 Panel mtg 8 way

CN177 Console 8 way

Each Switched Channel could now feed into any of the following Distribution Boards.


14 way AC, DC or DCC Single Polarity Mini Terminal Board

CN162 Terminal Board

This is where you put all those common Negative wires, or common Positive wires 


18 way AC, DC or DCC Terminal Block, with common on one side and separate common on other side

CN165 Distribution Board

14 way AC, DC or DCC Terminal Block, with + & - side by side

CN166 Distribution Board

Solenoid Motor.jpg

Wires in this area can be 16/0.2mm or 7/0.2mm


Connection to individual equipment such as points or signals, you should use the MR230 or MR235 as most equipment comes with 3 short wires

MR230 Connection Block 6 x 3 way

MR235 Connection Block 1 x 3 way


Momentary Point Motor Switch with Memory


Latching Point Motor Switch for Slow Motion Point Motors.



Reverse Polarity Switch with Indicator for Point Motors or Track Centre OFF for Track Isolation


Reverse Polarity Switch for Point Motors no centre OFF


Image 13.jpg

You could populate one of our switch consoles or panels with all your Point, Signal, Isolation switch and much more.

CP450 Switch Console

CP451 Switch Panel